My passion for art goes back to when I was a young child. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Growing up I was infatuated with cartoons and video games and how they were drawn and animated. I couldn’t think of anything else that I would enjoy as much as I enjoy drawing and painting. I knew then that I wanted to pursue a career in arts and design. After high school I attended San Antonio College to take my basics. After 2 years at SAC in 2008, I transferred my credits over to the International Academy of Design & Technology. While attending the academy, I got the chance to intern with Clear Channel Outdoor designing billboards, bus panels, car wraps, and many other things. Clear Channel is the biggest advertising company, you’ll see them everywhere like in New York, Asia, Europe, and just about anywhere you can think of. After graduating from the academy in 2011, the first job I got was at a local print shop called Presto Printing. There I designed business cards, brochures, logos, and other advertising artifacts. While working at the print shop, I also had another job as a tattoo artist. After leaving the print shop in 2013 I focused on tattooing. I entered in a couple of tattoo contests and have won awards. My focus has been on tattooing for about 9 years now. I’ve learned many new styles and perfected inaccuracies along the way. I now use my graphic design to create my tattoos that I do now. Every client I get is a chance to show how dedicated I am in my artistic skills and make sure that they’re satisfied and well taken care of.


written by jasmine Reyes